Welcome to the tickets page.

Here you find all information needed for getting tickets as also for this year we have several options for getting your tickets.

Your tickets can be purchased Online but also offline by meeting us at the weekly meeting in Haagse bluf.

For the first time we now accept the following payment methods.

This time we prefer payment by bank-card where we dutch bank-cards and all mayor Creditcards. These are accepted during pre-sales at the weekly meetings and when purchasing your ticket at the door on arrival to the party.

Though if you are not able to pay by card we also do accept cash though we prefer card payments.

Online ticket purchases

Like every other year you can also purchase your ticket online in our webshop. In the webshop we accept Bank-transfers and on request we can also send you details for transfering by Paypal(Fee). In all cases of Online purchase please go to our Shop put the items you like in the basket and order it. In all cases choose Bank-transfer.

Once you have your order confirmation you receive an email as well. If you want to pay by ideal or Paypal forward the entire message to tickets at and tell the prefered payment method including your phonenumber. We then try to send you the link ASAP but guarantee it to send it to you within 48 hours.

If you don’t contact you in 48 hours after that request please contact us again.

After your bank-transfer or payment has arrived we will send you by email your requested tickets within 48 hours.

Go to our Webshop for getting your tickets.