CSinterklaas2019 Sauna sub-event

Event name: CSinterklaas2019 – Thursday Sauna sub-event
Date: Thursday November 21
Start: 10:30 End: 18:00
Address: Thermen Holiday / Pr. Beatrixlaan 10 / 3121 JN Schiedam
Tramstop name: Schiedam, Prinses Beatrixlaan
Hosted by: Maikel

Event information:
In this sub-event we start relaxed. During the day you get the chance with us to enjoy Sauna, wellness spa the total Dutch way and spend your entire day in sauna’s, pools, hot tubs, relax rooms and grab a drink and/or meal in their a-la-carte restaurant (it is not allowed to bring own food or drinks). As a group we might do a route of sauna’s. The event is organized until 17:00 but you can come and go when you want and there might also be a chance that we the organizers leave a bit earlier or later and if we can find you for sure we will greet you.

How to get there:
At 9:51 from train station Rotterdam Centraal tram 24 leaves in the direction Holy that also stops at 10:12 at the Train station Schiedam Centrum if that’s more convenient to you.
Arriving at tram stop Beatrixlaan at 10:20.
From here it is only a 400 meter walk to the entrance of the spa where we gather in front of the entrance. (there is also free parking)
Once we are not expecting more people we will go inside for check-in when we are getting ready for changing and going for our first spa.
In the case if you are not in this tram you can also use tram 21 direction Woudhoek to make it to the spa.

What to bring:
For you need to bring/rent:
• Bathrobe (rent price € 8,50);
• 1 big towel for inside the sauna (Rentprice for a set of 2 € 8,50);
• Flip flops (Purchase price € 8,50);
• 1 towel to dry yourself at the end of the day before we leave.
In the case if you didn’t bring anything at all they have a combi-deal for €21,95

You like to attend?:
we can’t guarantee entry without reservation; so please (whether you sign up for this event or not) make your own reservation at this facility via their website; https://www.thermenholiday.nl/reserveren/

‘we’ like discount; so, the regular price is e32 – however, with a voucher you can get more/ less than 50% discount – a link to these websites is: https://sauna-acties.nl/deals/?i=1
do reserve immediately with the e-ticket-number you’ve received.
They claim to offer only a limited amount of discounted places (which i honestly don’t believe in)

In the case if you don’t live in the Netherlands and want to let the CSinterklaas team take care of your discounted Sauna ticket, order it in our shop and we will send the €18,99 ticket to your email address within a few days.

Also, keep in mind that Dutch saunas are supposed to be visited naked and eg genders are also mixed in the sauna – cozy behavior isn’t allowed 😉

(for general info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sauna_in_the_Dutch_language_area)

Having said that; feel free to send Lisette message when you’ve got a question 🙂

I’m looking forward to a relaxing day, and hope you’re doing the same.

Gather with the organizers at 10:30 and join us to go to this wellness resort.
In case if you arrive later you can also get there on your own and try to recognize the organizers since we all are required to leave our phones in our locker where our clothes are stored as well.

If you come to this spa without pre-booking and without arranging a deal you pay €37,50 on arrival.

Lots of greetings from Maikel.

CS-Link:  https://www.couchsurfing.com/events/5428612