CSinterklaas Harbor Tour

Event name: Discover the Port of Rotterdam – Maasvlakte 1+2

Date: Friday November 22

Start: 10:00     End: 18:00

Address of meetingpoint: Metrostation Slinge

Metrostop name: Slinge

Event information:

This tour is made for people with a certain interest in the port of Rotterdam and wind energy.

At Metrostation Slinge , you meet the driver of your car.

This is a long day with a drive of more than 100 km’s, so make friends with your co-travellers and the driver of the car. (this will be a long trip)

Included in this trip will be a visit to Futureland where we are taking a guided bus-tour . we will find out about energy in The Port of Rotterdam.

This bus tour starts at 12:00 and ends at 13:15

De Slufter is part of this visit where you find more information about in this link.

Once we returned from the bus-tour ,we have 30 minutes to check the museum until the departure of our boat-tour at 14:00 ,the boat  returns at 15:00.

At 14:00 a boat will show us around Maasvlakte2 from the waterside with brilliant  views of all the activities that are happening in Maasvlakte2 (the latest expansion of the port of Rotterdam).

After returning back from the Ferry, we will make a last stop at a scenic place. After this ,we will return back to Rotterdam City

We only organize pre-sold tickets of this event ,as we need to know how many cars we need for driving you:

Price: €22 for people without a car and €16 for people driving a car. (we will pay each driver €6 per passenger that they take for covering the petrol costs)

If you like to join, get your ticket at the Ticketspage. Write to us if you are the driver of a car so we can organize the seats.

How we gather:

Gather with the organizers between 9:45 and 10:00. We start driving at 10:05 so don’t be late.